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Aire de jeux du parc Tony Garnier, Carnoux

Une belle aire de jeux paysagée, l'aménagement du parc ayant été conçu par un cabinet d'architectes paysagistes.

19/07/2018 15:04:00

Détails de l'étude de cas

Jardin de l'Ange Claude, Cavaillon

Un aménagement paysager comprenant deux zones de jeux adaptées à différentes tranches d'âge.

19/07/2018 10:53:00

Détails de l'étude de cas

Aire de jeux thème contes de fées, Svenljunga, Suède

Une belle aire de jeux installée par nos confrères suédois offrant un large éventail d'activités.

04/06/2018 11:03:00

Détails de l'étude de cas

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Modular Multi Function Play Equipment

Browse our off-the-shelf UniMini and UniPlay units, designed to keep children of all ages inspired and active. Should you have any specific requirements, such as a narrow space or a themed design brief, the products can be tweaked to suit your needs. We can also build entirely bespoke structures owing to the range's modular design.

Creating an outdoor space

UniMini (1-5 years)

Provides young children with stimulating play opportunities and contributes positively to their physical and mental development.

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UniPlay (3-12 years)

Combining quieter activities accessible to younger or less confident children on the ground floor and exciting physical challenges on the upper floor, our UniPlay system helps create an inclusive play experience.

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  • The team’s communication and liaison was excellent. Where compromise was necessary because of prevailing conditions, the outcome was always in the best interests of the children. All parties brought their own skill set and worked as a dream team!

    Julia Buck, School business manager, Lydgate Junior School